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What the Top PPC Managers Know About Running Highly Profitable Campaigns

We’ve put together a special printable PDF which highlights some of the most common mistakes that new advertisers make & the ’10 Commandments of Profitable Google AdWords Campaigns’.

Be sure to give it a read, there’s some great examples included.  You can download it here: http://ppcblog.com/learn-google-adwords/10-adwords-commandments.pdf

Getting Started With Google AdWords
Advertising On The Net

How do I optimize my ad text?

As a basic rule, use clear, well-written, and specific ad text that highlights what sets your product or service apart from the competition.

Below are some specific tips to help you create compelling ad text. You can also watch this short video demo:

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Where Will My Ads Appear?

Ads with keywords

Ads from ad groups with keywords can appear on Google and the Google Network:

  • Google search results pages: Alongside or above the search results.

  • The Google Network: Search and content websites, plus other products and blogs. The Google Network is the largest advertising network available online, reaching over 86% of Internet users worldwide. You can be certain that your ads reach your target audience with Google AdWords.

The search network

Your ads may appear alongside or above search results, as part of a results page as a user navigates through a site's directory, or on other relevant search pages. Our global search network includes Google Maps, Google Product Search and Google Groups along with entities such as Virgin Media and Amazon.com.

The content network partners

Our extensive content network of websites and products includes these partners:

The content network may also include sites from DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Ads on the content network

AdWords ads on content sites are targeted to the content and URL of each page. In the screenshot below you can see how the ads are displayed on a content page and that the ads are directly relevant to the content of the page.

Google's Gmail service, which is part of the content network, also displays AdWords ads. Gmail ads are placed by Google computers using the same automated process that matches relevant AdWords ads to web pages and newsletters. If our automatic filters detect that the topic of the email is sensitive, no ads are shown. Here you can see how the ads relate to the discussion in the email:

Ads with placements

Placements are an optional addition to, or an alternative to, keyword targeting. You can select individual websites or other placements in the Google content network where you'd like your ads to appear, and those placements can help determine where your add appears on the content network. (Placements don't affect the search network.)

AdWords technology ensures that your ads appear in the most relevant locations across the Web so that customers find you. Learn more about advertising publishers within your industry.

Ads with mobile device targeting

If your campaign is targeting full-browser mobile devices, your ads will be eligible to show when users perform a Google web search or access our content network from iPhones, T-Mobile G1s, and similar mobile devices. You'll also be eligible to show on mobile apps, which are considered part of our content network.

Keep in mind that your ad will be matched to pages on the content network using the same contextual targeting factors, regardless of whether you've chosen to show your ads on computers or on iPhones and similar mobile devices. Learn more about mobile device targeting.

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